3Kristi has been an inspired writer and hobbyist for over 9 years. She began her enjoyment of writing at age 7 years old. Documenting her childhood memories in a diary throughout the years, while closely observing her mentally ill father. She also reminisces about life in her 23 foster homes and the lesson’s of a dark past.

She currently resides in Northern California as a free-lance writer, beauty consultant and an independent young women free of bondage. She mentors other’s and has told her testimony to more than 2,000 foster youth in 2010. Kristi hope’s to publish her own book in the future and continues to strive for better each day. She is forever a survivor.

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  1. Anica Art says:

    It takes a LOT of strength for one to reach your current world, but you got there and are giving others hope and that is very encouraging. Keep it up, you are an inspiration!

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    • Thank you so much! I just finished submitting my 2nd diary entry. Hope you find my writing’s helpful and any comments, shares or feedback is much appreciated. Just getting myself out there. I used to write for a magazine company in high school. Writing and art are my passions. Btw, I share my art throughout my writings too 🙂 I hope we can become good friends in the blogging world. xxoo

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  2. Oh btw, realized what the issue was. I got it all fixed hopefully lol 😛


  3. chithankalai says:

    Welcome fellow traveller… Keep it up.


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