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My Soul is Boundless

  My soul is boundless…utterly naked and torn into… awakened by velvet like hands soft to the touch…crushed and stained with crimson hues… the sea of faces surround me…they hide behind shattered glass… there is no escape…he is raging like

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Escaping Fate

Through The Eyes of a Monster ~ (Entry 7) {1995} Dear Diary, Dawn had soon arrived, and my tiny body began shaking from the cold air whirling wildly. My auburn hair…a bit messy from a restless dream… as well as

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A Road Less Traveled

Lost In The Dark~ (Entry 3){1995}. Dear Diary, It is my first day of preschool and I look like a Eskimo. This lady my dad is supposed to marry in less than 5 weeks; has bought me nothing but hand

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Never forget the lessons in life that helped shape your own universe~
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